The next Championship tournament of labour associations will be organized in Lahti, Finland 18.3. – 20.3.2016. The tournament will be held in Mukkula Sports Hall.


Teams – Welcome to Mukkula sports hall in Lahti!


Full sized football field, nice artificial turf. Heikki Moilanen tells
that everything is ready for next years tournament.

Photos: Valtteri Virtanen



1. Time of matches: 2 x 25 minutes on artificial turf, Mukkula sport hall, Torpinkatu 3, Lahti, 15240 Finland. Full team roster (11 + substitutes). Please use soccer boots which are meant for hard grounds, no loose studs.

2. Teams can use 5 substitutes in one game (also back and forth). The full team roster (11 + substitutes) will be given to the tournament office 30 minutes before start of the each game.

3. The winning team gets 3 points, loser 0. If the result is draw, both teams get 1 point. After the first group round order is: goal difference, goals, mutual match and after that draw. The winner of each group will play in final, second places in bronze metal match. In finals there´s no extra time but penalty shoot out, first 3 players and after that one by one if needed.

4. Home team will play in their home/first colour. Please use numbered playing shirts.

5. If there are any protests made by teams, the jury of the organizers will handle those right after the game. Jury consists of 3 members named by organizers.

6. The team which has broken these rules will possibly lose game by 0-3 judged by the jury of the tournament.

7. The dressing room are occupied for the teams by order of the match scheme.

8. The organizer of the tournament does not take any responsibility on injuries.

Please send e-mail if you want more information!



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